Hashimotos & Me

Hashimotos & Me

12 years I navigated the road of understanding and living with autoimmune diseases. And in truth, they will always be on my mind. Even now when they've been 'gone' for 18 months there is always the chance that they will flare up if I am not careful.

8 years of pernicious anaemia and 7 years of Hashimotos. They were the catalyst for my health and life turning around and I'd certainly not be this person today if I hadn't taken that journey. So in a way I'm grateful I got this wake-up call to turn my health around early.

2 years ago I stopped all medication. The inflammation is under control....and I've never felt better! It has taken ages for me to find the words to share this milestone here though.

The first thing people ask is "How did you do it?" They're usually looking for the rules to follow or a quick fix, and I get it! The hidden diseases are the worst, you look healthy to the outside world but inside everything is failing.

The thing is, there is no one size fits all. What worked for my body might also be good for you, or maybe not. I certainly don't want to give the impression that you stop meds and everything just pans out. There was a lot of self work and research I did to get to this point safely.


There are however two general things that I believe can support healing from an autoimmune disease.

1. Cut out the crap- go natural

Get your cleaning, skincare, body, bath and home products as natural as possible. Learn to DIY or find a trusted brand, and learn to read the labels for hidden toxins.

Most of my inflammation was because of the toxins in my home and on my skin, plus the food I chose to eat. You cant heal while you continue to fuel the fire!!

2. Get to know YOUR body

I look back at how out of touch I was with my body and who I was and see exactly how those decisions led to dis-ease. My open ego and identity, low self worth, I'd shut down my intuition and closed off my throat from speaking my truth or following my purpose........

I've learnt and used a few different energy healing modalities to get me to this point, but the most effective has been Human Design. Knowing my design blueprint and how I function best.

It's taken years to get here, but this is why I am so dedicated to sharing Human Design and low tox living with those who are ready to steer their life in a different direction. All of the clues are right there for your unique genetic makeup and life, you just need to know where to look and then learn how to listen to your wise body.

I've been there. I've done it. I've 1/3 investigated and experimented the crap out of it!

It works.


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