Life is short, make the most of today. live. grateful

Life is short

No one has tomorrow guaranteed to them.

The last few days have had me thinking about how precious life is. I have had too many friends the last few weeks who have lost loved ones.

Before their time, in seemingly good health, just into their retirement...only a child. Most of them without much warning.

It has really highlighted the fact that we only get to live this life once.

We don't know how long we have or if we will fit everything in. I bet you have big plans (usually for later on once the kids have grown or you get the promotion or save more money or... or.....)

I think sometimes I get caught up believing I've got a long life ahead of me. Like living to 100 is a choice that's totally in my CONTROL.

I don't share this to bring gloom. I share so that you might remember (like I have) that life is too short to people please, to try and be someone you are not, to stay in a miserable environment or to fill your day with endless to-do lists.

Have fun, play, follow your heart, tell them you love them, and be yourself-even if you're too much for them!

Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. I know tomorrow morning I will be feeling a much deeper gratitude for another day here and I choose to be conscious about how I spend that time.

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