self-care is not selfish love self worth

Too busy for self-care?

Beliefs about self care and self worth start young.

Sunday afternoon my nearly 10 year old asked if I could help her set up a bath, a podcast to listen to and a special drink (water with lemon & frozen berries) and if I could keep her little sisters out for a while-fair enough! Her HD environment is caves and she loves her own company in her own space.

At her age I wouldn't have had any concept of self care! I've been thinking hard about it this morning....maybe my idea of practicing self care was confused with not feeling worthy enough of that care?

Feeling I needed to work first to 'earn' a reward? (sound familiar?)

And that reward would've most certainly been an unhealthy treat food, not what my body actually needed.

With 3 daughters I know they are always watching me and building their habits around what they see.

It's been a long road for me looking at my unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs. It's one of those things that never get perfected, you just keep on refining your practice.

Yesterday certainly made me reconsider my priorities and where I've let my own self care practices slip.

I do love a Sunday bath with magnesium salts, essential oils, botanical face mask, a book to read, and peace and quiet. But you know self-care is not a once a week 'treat.' Some of the other things I like to do daily include moving my body (whether that is yoga, lifting weights, running, stretching or walking), reading for pleasure, gardening, sitting in a quiet park, researching something I love, dry body brushing, tapping and skating.

I'm not sure about you, but over time the 'busy-ness' of life sneaks up on me and more of my self-care time is sacrificed for the never ending TO-DO list. It is something I need to be conscious of, always making me-time a focus and priority. 

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